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1Coaching Questions

Q. How long are coaching sessions?

A. Coaching sessions are generally 45 minutes but can last up to 1 hour, so please allow a full hour for each session.

Q. How will the coaching sessions be done?

A. The coaching sessions will be done via Skype, Face Time or a phone call so that more than one option can be used on the day. To make sure the sessions run smoothly please test your connection up to 10 minutes before the session start time.

Q. Do you call me or do I call you?

A. It is the Clients responsibility to make the call to the Coach on the booked day/time.

Q. What if I am running late on the day or something unexpected has happened?

A. It is the Clients responsibility to inform the Coach if you are running late or are unable to take your session on the agreed day/time.

Q. What happens if I have forgotten?

A. I will message you 5 minutes after the start time for your session. If you have not made contact within 15 minutes, I will assume that the session has been cancelled and a late cancellation fee will be charged.

Q. Will anybody else know what has been discussed during my coaching session?

A. All discussions between Client and Coach are strictly confidential.

2CPD Training Questions

Q. What training days are currently available to book?

A. Currently, there is only one available and that is the Emotional Wellbeing and Team Building training due to changes in content. More will be added soon.

Q. How do I book an Emotional Wellbeing and Team Building training day?

A. There are a number of ways you can book training days…but the best way is to send me a message from this site.

Q. Where will the training be held?

A. The training will be held at a location of your choice, as it is up to the client to provide their own space.

Q. Can the fees charged be offset against TAX?

A. Yes the fees for this CPD training can be offset against TAX as it has been certified by the CPD certification service.

3DISC Profiling Questions

Q. Can I have a DISC profile and analysis done on myself?

A. Yes, if you want to have the DISC profiling and analysis done on yourself you's your choice after all.

Q. How long does the profiling take?

A. The process takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the faster you can do it the better as it gives a more accurate outcome.

Q. How is the profiling done?

A. It is carried out online, I send you a link and you follow the link and login with your email address and the password you are given.

Q. How do I get the information from the analysis?

A. I print out your report and we arrange a time and date to go through the report. This can take up to an hour.

Q. Do I get to keep the DISC profiling report?

A. Yes the document printout is yours to keep and do with what you please.

Q. How is the Group Culture report done?

A. The Group culture report is taken in the same way as the normal DISC Profiling report, using a link to the online login which will be sent out to the individual staff members on your team.

Q. How is the report then delivered to our company?

A. I will arrange a time and date to come into your company and share the report findings with you and with your staff in a group session...unless you wish to do that part yourself?

Q. How many people can the Group Culture report include?

A. It can be done with numerous members of staff (Maximum 80), but it is more effective with smaller groups.

Q. How can the DISC profiling help me when recruiting a new member or members of staff?

A. DISC profiling is often used by large companies when wishing to find the 'right' person for a strategic job role. This ultimately could save a company thousands of pounds.