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  • Did the content meet your expectations? Love the content, so relevant to not just work, but also being a human being alongside other human beings. Training content useful? Many useful skills and tools to try out, thank you! How satisfied were you with the training given? Excellent, Thank You! Was the training well organised, managed and delivered? Much better organised that other training provided! Thanks Julie!! Interesting and stimulating reminder that we can change the world a little for the better.  Ian Hemmings
  • Did the content meet your expectations? Yes, interesting topic, one i felt needed to be explored. Training content relevant and useful? Julie was knowledgeable and she ensured she got the views from different people in the room. Satisfaction of training given?  Very satisfied, as I will put some of the things learned into practice. Was the training well organised, managed and delivered?  Great day, mixed with activities and more formal interesting discussion. Great exercise and much needed area to be explored.  Andrea Williams
  • Hi Julie  It was great to see you again on Sunday – The time just flew by once more! It is always a pleasure to deliver DISC training but even more so to such a great group of people – Thank you.  The purpose of this e-mail is to deliver your test score and I am pleased to inform you that you scored an impressive 91%  Well done!  I have attached your DISC accreditation badge below which can now be used on your website and documentation if you so choose.
  • "Emotional Wellbeing and Team Building"

    Many thanks for this training course submitted for CPD assessment. I am pleased to confirm that the further learning value and structure conforms to CPD guidelines. You may now display the ‘certified’ logo on all material relating to this resource – be they marketing or delegate focused. The details have been recorded on your file and will be added to your Member Directory profile on the website. The certificate confirming this successful assessment is attached for your records.  

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    A well-structured and comprehensive submission. All expected elements present, even speaker notes. Logos & branding usage meets guidelines.
  • "Julie is a very practical coach, keeping me not only inspired and uplifted but making sure that I focus on practical action points and ensuring that I think and take stock of all the things I have to do.  This allows me to make sure that I set realistic goals, with eyes wide open about the potential challenges involved, and areas which could distract me and use up my time.  While being coached by Julie, I ensured that I wrote down my action points so that they would be clear, and so that I could use them as a checklist and measurement against which to judge my success.  this made a tangible difference to my being able to juggle all the tasks in an extremely busy lifestyle and to focus myself for passing my accountancy exams while working on several different jobs, managing my energy throughout." Chris Pritchard  
  • "Being coached for six sessions by Julie has been enlightening and powerful for me.  I admire her great listening and feedback skills.  The overall impact of my coaching sessions with Julie was beneficial in helping me move towards my ultimate goal.  I came out more confident, positive and motivated, with a clear defined action to help me along my journey." "I would highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for Personal Performance and Development Coach." Lyn Drewett  
  • "I am really glad I went ahead with the coaching sessions with Julie.  Our sessions helped me to understand what I really wanted from a job and by the end of our 6 sessions I had a start date for my new job, which is exactly what I have been looking for, for years. I found the coaching sessions helped keep me focused on what was important and which avenues needed to be explored. The setting of smaller goals with weekly deadlines was particularly useful in helping me attain the main goal of a new career. I found it difficult to define the small goals as I was focused on the main aim of getting a new career, Julie helped me drill down into what I want and kept me on the path throughout.  Overall I achieved all my goals within 6 weeks and I would recommend coaching to anyone in a similar position."  Michael Wallbank  

Julie Humphreys

Why I'm passionate about personal development?

Hi my name is Julie Humphreys and I am a Personal Performance Coach and Trainer. I chose to pursue a career in Coaching after attending two initial training days, which led onto doing a full diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.

My main reason for doing this course was initially to re-train, as the job I was currently doing was coming to an end and I wanted to take the opportunity to do something From which I would receive some satisfaction instead of just working for just a pay packet at the end of each month.

I had considered becoming a Counsellor, helping others to overcome difficult times in their lives, but after looking into this option I decided that I would be to empathetic to the clients! Therefore, a change of thinking led me to consider coaching… I can honestly say that by half way through the first day I knew that Coaching was for me. I love to talk to people and have always helped and enabled others throughout my life to better themselves in many different ways.

I have a wealth of ‘life’ experience that I can apply to many different situations and I have also worked for over 17 years in the education industry supporting others. But enough about me, what I am really interested in is YOU!

Through a set of coaching sessions my aim is to help to bring clarity and direction to YOUR life. Using a number of coaching tools and self-help steps you can take control of your future and boldly move forward. Everything that we use during your coaching sessions can be used and applied to many situations such as, family, work, friendships and even relationships.

I am also a Trainer and deliver my 2 in 1 CPD Training for services and companies to teams of employees, helping them to self focus on their personal wellbeing and emotional state. This also includes Team Building as part of the days training, looking at what it means to be a Team and developing team support of one another in the workplace.

DISC Profiling is something that I have become quite passionate about, as I could see the value in it as a key to unlocking aspects of our own unique personality. For many years large companies have used DISC profiling to help them with staff selection, creating effective working teams and helping others within the company to better understand how to approach others who have different personality traits to themselves.

So you will not only benefit from the individual Personal Performance and Development Coaching, Continued Professional Development Training or DISC Profiling and Analysis, but you will also have a wealth of resources to take away with you that can be use in other areas.

“The only person who can limit your possibilities is you.” Jon Gordon.