The Mustard Tree Coaching Company is all about self-improvement, whether that is on a personal level or in the workplace.

A word about what I do and why I do it?

After working for many years for other people/companies/services I felt there was a need for staff to have emotional support through others in their workplace, along with encouragement to grow and develop their own personal skills. I wanted to find a way to help other achieve their best possible self and to become more mindful of others needs who they work alongside or live with.

Many people find themselves placed in jobs that they were not originally employed to do, sometimes being placed into a whole new and alien environment! It is at these times that we either rise to the occasion or sink like a stone feeling overwhelmed and out of our depth. Sadly staff who feel out of their depth will do one of two things:

They will look for another job and leave OR be off work due to stress or stress related illnesses.

Whether it's with a little help and support from colleagues, or through coaching to help us find our own solutions we can often find our feet and do well in our new position, team or area within a company or service.

Armed with these things in mind I decided to put together my 2 in 1 Continued Professional Development Training, offer Personal Performance and Development Coaching and I can also provide DISC Profiling and Analysis, to help towards effectively tackling all of the above areas.

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